Download DeskTop Set 6.5

A single downloadable file — about 8 Mb — includes all the DeskTop Set modules described in the Guided Tour. 

 DeskTop Set's installation is fully operational for 30 days. After the trial period is over, you'll need to order a registration key to validate your copy.

Please follow Steps 1 through 4 below to download and install the program.

Step 1. Download installation files

Click download link below, and follow your browser’s instructions. Please note the name of the destination folder or directory on your PC.

Download DeskTop Set 6.5.5

Step 2. Locate downloaded files on your PC

Use Windows’ Explorer or File Manager to locate DESKTOPS.EXE file. If you cannot locate them, please use the Explorer’s Start/Find/Files or Folders… or File Manager’s File/Search… commands to look for desktops.exe file.

Step 3. Installing the program (new) or upgrading from earlier versions

Double-click DESKTOPS.EXE to begin the installation and follow the simple instructions.

Step 4. Starting DeskTop Set 6.5

You may now begin using DeskTop Set. To launch the program, click Start/Programs/DeskTop Set/Module name…, or click a program icon on your Windows desktop.

Compatibility with Microsoft Vista

DeskTop Set.6.5 is compatible with Microsoft Vista (32 bit version). Just like under XP, advanced telephony (Answer Bar, DeskTop Set-By-Phone will not work because Vista's and XP's telephone application program interface (TAPI) doesn't support 16-bit application or older modems.

Upgrading from versions 6.xx to 6.5

This upgrade is required for Windows XP and Windows only. If you are using Windows 2000 or below, you do not need to upgrade.

Backup your data files first! Then follow steps 1 through 4 below. The Install updates only program files. Your data files and settings remain intact. This update will remain operational for 30 days, and requires the purchase of a registration key thereafter.

Upgrading from versions 4.xx, 5.xx

Backup your data files first! Follow steps 1 through 4 below. If you choose not to purchase this upgrade after the trial expires, please restore your backup files to resume using version 4.0. or 5.0. This upgrade will remain operational for 30 days, and requires the purchase of registration key thereafter.

DeskTop Set's User Guide

DeskTop Set includes complete, context-sensitive, on-line help files. If you prefer an illustrated, indexed, and cross-referenced User Guide in PDF format, download required chapters as needed (right-hand colon, top).

Download-related FAQs

Q. How simple is DeskTop Set to install?

Simple. Just click on any of the files that you have downloaded, and the program (or separate component) self-installs in minutes. You can cancel at any time.

Q. Can I install the program on several PCs?

On as many as you like. We encourage you to give the program to friends and associates, and you may share your data with others on your network. (If you install several copies of DeskTop Set on the same network, each copy requires

Q. Can I uninstall?

Yes, using Windows' Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.

Q. Does DeskTop Set modify any system libraries or programs?

No, it does not.

Operating system and hardware requirements

Q. What versions of Windows will DeskTop Set work with?

Windows 3.1x, Windows, NT 3.5x, and NT 4.0.

Q. What is the minimum recommended hardware?

We still use a Toshiba 486/33 laptop with a 200 MB hard disk, 8 MB of memory, Windows 3.11, and a 9-inch mono screen. All things considered, it works fine, along with Word 6.0. Obviously, it really flies on any type of Pentium.

Q. How much hard disk space will I need?

About 15 MB. If you also install the professionally-recorded Answer Bar and Desktop Set-by-Phone recordings, add an additional 5 MB for compressed sounds, or an additional 15MB of space for uncompressed, higher-quality recordings.

Importing and Exporting information

Q. Which file formats can DeskTop Set import?

DeskTop Set imports information directly from all its prior versions, as well as Lotus Organizer, ACT!, SideKick, GoldMine and Outlook. You may also import information from ASCII files. The import utility lets you map and combine fields during the import. For details, see Import section..

Q. Can I export information?

Yes, you can. Our export utility is exceptionally flexible, and lets you specify ranges, fields, sort order, and custom delimiters.

Q. Can we integrate DeskTop Set with our business applications?

DeskTop Set features API, DDE, and OLE-automation and will interface equally well with both 16-bit and 32-bit applications.

Q. Can we access and modify DeskTop Set information from Access, Delphi, or similar programs?

Yes, you can. DeskTop Set uses an industry-standard ODBC-compliant database engine. You can access and modify files locally or in client/server mode.

Q. How large are DeskTop Set databases?

Extremely compact. For example, a typical Address Book file with 10,000 records would occupy 10 to 15 MB.

Q. What language is DeskTop Set written in?

DeskTop Set is programmed in C++ and Microsoft Foundation Classes. All unique custom controls and interface elements are developed in-house.

Selecting the right modem

Q. Which modem do you recommend?

Any Windows Telephony-compatible (TAPI) modem should work. We have found the Creative Labs’ PhoneBlaster and the Zoom Comstar SVD the easiest to install, and most trouble-free.

Q. Which PBX do you support?

DeskTop Set is designed to work with any office PBX that allows you to dial through your phone system using a modem. If other applications such as Windows' Terminal or HyperTerminal can dial through your PBX, DeskTop Set can, too.

How easy is DeskTop Set to use?

Q. Do you need to be a computer expert to use DeskTop Set?

No! If you can use a paper organizer and a mouse, you can use DeskTop Set. DeskTop Set has the look and feel of your ordinary paper organizer's appointment and address books.

Q. My typing skills are weak. Will I be able to use DeskTop Set?

DeskTop Set allows you to use most functions without touching your keyboard, and works with your mouse, touch screen, or other pointing device.

Q. Can persons with disabilities use DeskTop Set?

You can customize DeskTop Set's interface to make the program easier to access in a variety of ways.

Sight-impaired clients will appreciate the ability to customize the size and color of display fonts for maximum legibility, as well as the audible alarm monitor that accompanies event alarms.

Hearing impaired clients will appreciate the pop-up alarm monitor and flashing CallerID notification, which ensure that you do not miss important events.

Finally, if you have difficulty typing, you'll appreciate the ease with which you can enter meetings, appointments, and other events using only a mouse or touch.

Q. Will DeskTop work with a touchscreen and/or stylus?

Yes, perfectly. It was designed specifically for touch screen and/or stylus. It does much more with a touch or stylus than any other software program or device, even, ironically, iPhone. In fact, if your computer has voice-recognition software to facilitate data entry, you'll never need to touch your keyboard.


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